The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the San Francisco Archdiocese Diocese is committed to the call of of the charismatic renewal movement in order to:

1. Acknowledge, praise, honor, worship and adore God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit not only as individuals in our relationship to God but to also enthusiastically serve the Catholic church in it's primary purpose of evangelization, as Jesus Christ commanded us to do.

2. Encourage and provide opportunities to experience Pentecost through the common aspects of the renewal movement by:

a. Committing to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior;

b. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit;

c. Fostering all of the personal gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as receiving and using the charismatic gifts;

d. Striving for holiness through the richness of the graces that God has given us in the Catholic Church;

e. Growing and encouraging faith based communities and performing true works of mercy;

f. Sharing the ways God has powerfully worked in our lives.


– Life in the Spirit Seminars

– Regularly scheduled prayer meetings

– Leadership Training

– Teachings

– Bible Study

– Prayer for Healing

– Intercessory Prayer

– First-friday Charismatic Masses

– Gathering to pray the Rosary before each First Friday Mass

– Yearly Holy Spirit Seminar

– Youth/Young Adults – "Apostles for Christ"

3. The Charismatic Movement in the Catholic Church fosters unity and understanding with the whole Body of Christ. We encourage and participate in diologue with other movements, churches and denominations. There is one Lord, there are many witnesses.

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