A Grace of God

Accepting the Baptism in the Holy Spirit does not mean joining a movement. It means embracing the fullness of our Christian initiation. It can touch anyone and everyone. It has an effect on every part of the life of the Church, because it equips us to serve God and one another in love and power, and sends us out to participate in the Church's ministry in the world. It revitalizes every program in our parish because it revitalizes every person who is involved in the programs. Living in the Spirit means participating fully in the Body of Christ. It can make our parishes real communities of love, from which we take the challenge of the Gospel into our social and work environment. Our mission is the mission of the Church – to transform society. What is essential is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. On this and on the gifts of the Spirit I don't see how we can compromise. At a recent public audience Pope John Paul II taught on the charisms in the life of the Church. He explained their importance in this way:

"The people of God's sharing in the messianic missions is not obtained only through the Church's ministerial structure and sacramental life. It also occurs in other ways – that of the spiritual gifts and charisms."

Charles Whitehead – On the Charismatic Renewal

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